Shri Tarun Gogoi
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Govt. of Assam
Dr Bhumidhar Barman
Minister, Revenue & DM
Govt. of Assam

The Revenue & Disaster Management Department

The State Government came forward with a number of land reforms measures to give benefit to the tillers of the soil liberating them from the undesirable exploitation of the Zamindars and other intermediaries and to bring the farmers under direct relationship with the Government. The principal objectives of the Revenue Department are land and land revenue administration in all their facets:
      (a) Formulation of Government land settlement policy.
      (b) Administration of Land Reforms.
      (c) Maintenance of Land Records.
      (d) Land Requisition and Acquisition.
      (e) Administration of Land and Land Revenue and Local Rate.
      (f) Administration of Assam Survey organization.
      (g) Organization of Relief Operations on account of Natural Calamities.

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